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March 2012 archive

Diva Production – Creative Makeup Competition (Aqua Splash) Senior Category

The Senior category title for this year (2012) was “AQUA SPLASH” and I short of time to practice this as in parallel I’m taking part in Junior category competition as well. This was my final submission inspired by BERSIH 3.0 + Anti Lynas current affair, am I so patriotic? *chuck*

I would like to thanks to Tsun G, my model for scarifying his face on this makeup. However, the ingredient is harmless to skin, I’d made a slime-alike by mixed flour with acrylic color (THANKS TO MY MOM TOO!). Using tooth brush and spatula to create the form of pattern I want. This creative makeup took less than 10mins, continued with a Q&A session and latter the photoshoot. However I requested to get the shoot done first among other models before the material dried-up and crack.

So many envy-eyes when I removing the colors from Tsun’s face and body after the shoot, he indeed have nice look and body, moreoever tall enough :) THANKS to TSUN once again for the patient! Haaa! I took some photos at least!

Title: Diva Production Creative Make-up Competition – AQUA SPLASH (Senior Category)
Makeup: Rachel Seok
Hairdo: Centro Hair Salon
Photograph: Shawn Lor assisted by Kenny Foo, Blink Studio
Model: Tsun G, Diva Production


Diva Production – Fashion Beauty Makeup Competition (Junior Category)

This year, I take part in both Junior and Senior category makeup competition of Diva Production. It took me quite sometimes to made the final decision on the makeup. I’m glad to had Xinle Chai as my model, she was kind enough to allowed me do practice’sss’ on her face prior the competition day. THANKS LELE A BILLION!!!

It was a bit of drama on that day, I left some of my makeup brushes at home, guess I was too excited and nervous! With good friends around, I quickly solved the problem.

The junior competition requirement:
- Part 1: Clean makeup (refer as Day makeup) to be completed in 45mins;
- Part 2: Changing Clean makeup to Fashion Beauty makeup (refer as Night makeup) in 30mins.

I would said I didn’t time myself well, the contouring on Part 1 wasn’t good enough, and I applied a liner which wasn’t planned. Gosh, bet I was too nervous! I got bit of worry when seeing my makeup area was in mess! Can’t be bother much as the judges were rounding and marking the points, all I can do was just wait for instruction to start the latter part of competition.

I took the challenge in doing Heavy Smokey plus Red Lips look on Part 2, I would say this is quite risky and I know that I have to filled up the Red Lips first before my hand got shaky later. This round again I timed myself wrongly but was a good one, I’d timed 5mins earlier than actual timing which allowed me to clean up the under eyes mess after the heavy smokey makeup and tone the eyebrows better. Xinle was getting nervous too by holding her breath all time while I doing the Red Lips on her, and very minimal of eye blinking while I filling up all the waterline with massive black liner & eyeshadows. Such a Professional Model!

I didn’t captured photo that day as I was very much concentrated on the entire competition, and here you go the results after shoot.

Title: Diva Production Fashion Beauty Make-up Competition (Junior Category)
Makeup: Rachel Seok
Hairdo: Zex Salon
Photograph: Shawn Lor assisted by Kenny Foo, Blink Studio
Model: Xinle Chai, Diva Production


Sister Magazine – Hair Spread – Loreal

Client: Loreal
Job: Sister Magazine, Hair Spread, Testimonial Shoot
Makeup: Rachel Seok
Hairdo: Centro Hair Salon
Photograh: Shawn Lor assisted by Kenny Foo, Blink Studio
Featuring Shir Chong and Annabelle Kong 江佩盈

With the photographer team cum friend, Kenny.
Also with the Sister Magazine editor, Soo Koon :)