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Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 5 – Him Law 羅仲謙

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Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 5 – Him Law 羅仲謙


Finally the challenge entered the last phase and this one will be all water sport challenge.
We drove all the way from Kampar to Batu Feringghi Moon Light Bay and get prepared for Wipeout, see the video below.

Him and CJ strategize to do the challenge closely as Him will take care CJ who don’t swim. We see a real team work on them and I’m touch on how Him take care of CJ well. We spent whole day on Moonlight Bay, recording go slow as this challenge required to be done in sequence.

Him and Bii bath immediately (after sport) in a very bad condition toilet, I salute them! Both team did the grooming again after bath on the spot. I was spending my own sweet time kicking the sand and walking around till evening.

The last day recording took a real long hour and wrapped at 10pm, gosh! Everyone was starving on the way to hotel and I didn’t have a chance to say proper Bye that night, Him, Sze and Jan left Malaysia at 7am flight next day. Good thing is we have Facebook to keep in touch next. It was really nice working with them, really really nice!

The clue

On the way to Penang!

A group photos of celebs at Batu Feringghi, Moon Light Bay. There isn’t any Moonlight at the moment, HOT!

Handsome again after groom again

Finally, wrap up shoot

Jimmy the nice and outgoing professional sound man!

A final group photo, HAPPY~~~