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Debbie Goh – H&M Conscious Collection 2014 Launch

admin 10/04/2014


I’m Rae, aka Rachel, Malaysia-based make-up artist, co-founder of PLIKA Makeup. I speak Cantonese most of the time, fluent in English, Mandarin and Bahasa. Understand a bit of Japanese language. Love books and coffee. Quiet when work. My portfolio can be viewed at:



梁靜茹 Fish Leong / 張棟樑 Nicholas Teo / 林明禎 Min Chen / 鐘瑾樺 Alvin Chong / 蔡恩雨 Priscilla Abby Chai / Carmen Soo / 羅仲謙 Him Law / 黎耀祥 / 蘇玉華 Louisa So / 吳啟華 / 岑麗香 Eliza Sum / 李佳芯 Alia Lee / 郭偉亮 Eric Kwok / 單立文 Pal Sinn / 郭靜 Claire Kuo / 林佩盈 Lynn Lim / 吳天瑜 Debbie Goh / 吳俐璇 Jojo Goh / 吳家潤 Yoon Ng / 陳慧恬 Orange Tan / 雲鎂鑫 MeiSim / 李欣怡 Cheryl Lee / 陳子穎 Emily Chan / 王思涵 Colbie Ong / 黃淑慧 Aki Huang / 溫力銘 Danny On / 吳家潤 Yoon Ng / 蕭慧敏 Siow Hui Mei / 菲 比 Phoebe Yap / 何芸妮 Winnie Ho / 羅億詩 Yise Loo / 王淑君 Aenie Wong / 林宣妤 Serene Lim / 許佳麟 Danny Boy / 張貽博 Peace Teo / 顏慧萍 Geraldine Gan / 赖淞凤 Nicole Lai / 林健輝 Eric Lim / 李洺中 Frederick Lee / 陳凱璇 Adrian Tan / Elizabeth Tan / Jasmine Suraya / Scha Alyahya and lot more

Job type:

Magazine / Editorial / Advertorial
Brand Lookbook / Catalogue / Campaign
Commercial / Infomercial / TVC / Print Ads
Fashion Show
TV Show / Reality Show / TV Production / Movies


Email: ask@raeseok.com
Phone: +6012.280.2238
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