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Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 5 – Him Law 羅仲謙

Finally the challenge entered the last phase and this one will be all water sport challenge.
We drove all the way from Kampar to Batu Feringghi Moon Light Bay and get prepared for Wipeout, see the video below.

Him and CJ strategize to do the challenge closely as Him will take care CJ who don’t swim. We see a real team work on them and I’m touch on how Him take care of CJ well. We spent whole day on Moonlight Bay, recording go slow as this challenge required to be done in sequence.

Him and Bii bath immediately (after sport) in a very bad condition toilet, I salute them! Both team did the grooming again after bath on the spot. I was spending my own sweet time kicking the sand and walking around till evening.

The last day recording took a real long hour and wrapped at 10pm, gosh! Everyone was starving on the way to hotel and I didn’t have a chance to say proper Bye that night, Him, Sze and Jan left Malaysia at 7am flight next day. Good thing is we have Facebook to keep in touch next. It was really nice working with them, really really nice!

The clue

On the way to Penang!

A group photos of celebs at Batu Feringghi, Moon Light Bay. There isn’t any Moonlight at the moment, HOT!

Handsome again after groom again

Finally, wrap up shoot

Jimmy the nice and outgoing professional sound man!

A final group photo, HAPPY~~~

Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 4 – Him Law 羅仲謙

We woke up early as today gonna be a long trip day as we were required to travel all the way to Ipoh from Klang. Today, again gonna be another outdoor activity that will sweat and wet, no idea how it gonna happened until we reach one of the Orang Asli village which far inside Gopeng. Good news was, Him and CJ was the first team to arrived this destination, what a surprise!

Basically we did part of the charity work by challenge each of the team to carry most water from nearest river / water source to our Orang Asli household. It involved run, walk, climb staircase and arm strength too. While all recording can be done at the same time, it save much timing but I still feel like “waiting is forever”. Luckily the weather and mosquitos weren’t aggressive, we can still bear with the condition.

We then head down to a hotel at Kampar and had our Curry Chicken Bread as dinner ;)
Not to forget, the fans crowd in Kampar were crazy, perhaps Bii and Him’s team were eating together, that may lead to the fans synergy. I personally had a great time with the topic we discussed that night round tables, my conclusion is, Bii and his team are funny!

Day 4, chit chat before challenge starts

Day 4, Jan working

This is what Jan do while free time, salute!

This rumah orang asli, near Gopeng

Interview after challenge

Interview after challenge

Back to Pitstop and chill again :)

Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 3 – Him Law 羅仲謙

On Day 3, we’d finally got a good news to know today is indoor challenge, yay! THANKS GOD!

We off from Pit Stop Malacca and head up to Escape Room @ Klang. The direction isn’t tough one but bad news is Him’s team still fall behind on third day! Argh! Recording have to be done in sequence and since we’re the last team to arrived, we gotta wait till the rest of the team complete the recording first. Today, we have plenty of time in cafe, *indoor* Thanks GOD!

While waiting Him and CJ to complete the challenge, four of us – Sze, Jan, Michelle and me decided to kill the time by taking up a simple challenge in Escape Room too, latter joined by Jacynta and gang. I would strongly recommend this game to everyone, I personally like it so much!

Here are some pic and video to share ;)

Day 3, a group shot before the challenge


Day3, here we head to Klang!

Argh, this place isn’t hard to find but CJ didn’t managed to reach smoothly still

While interviewing

My intention was to do a casual group photo, but it doesn’t turn out good one in this…

Yay, the first photo with Him, thanks to our photographer Michelle


Killing the time~

Didn’t expect this but its always good to have~~~


Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 2 – Him Law 羅仲謙

Day 2, we depart from Bentong Petronas all the way to Malacca Jonker Street. To be honest, I didn’t expect to run like mad today! The fact is Him run too fast! He is really a sport person! Not just Jan and me run like mad, there were three fans club committee ran with us too. To be precise, even the pro sound man, Jimmy also couldn’t catch up!

Many people on the street didn’t expect to meet Him in person, some doubt about it, some scream, some stunt. Lol!

Today was really tiring and we checked in to Philea Resorts after completed all the shoot. Conclude the night with a great dinner with bosses and gang, follow by a great supper – Satay Celup :)

Day 2, early in the morning

Day 2, Interview re-cap

Day 2 mission at Jonker Street, Malacca

This is after some of the run… Tired and HOT!!!

Him seems focusing while CJ seems relaxing, hmmmm…!

Michelle with me :)

After a hard day, we’re here for dinner

Second round, Capitol Satay Celup :)

Sze lovin it, especially the huge squid!

Petronas Fuelled by Fans, Day 1 – Him Law 羅仲謙

In Day 1, the teams required to gathered at pitstop, pick up their car and unveil the task of the day. The process took slightly longer as the Flag off ceremony was also recorded on the first day.

First day required a travel from Seri Kembangan Petronas to Gombak Sungai Pisang waterfall and complete the task in the waterfall area. It took quite amount of time of recording and we ended up finished all recording by 8pm follow by a drive to Bukit Tinggi and overnight there.

Here are some photos and video footage to share.

While waiting

Him signed on

Isn’t he looks cool?

Him, selfie in the car

Petronas Fuelled by Fans – Him Law 羅仲謙

It’s a great honor to work with HK celebrity, Mr. Him Law 羅仲謙 for the Petronas Fuelled by Fans project. This project involved 5days road trip to various location and required the artists to compete among in order to assist the contestant (their team mate) in winning RM100,000 cash. All team required to complete everyday task and drive to destination with minimal tool assistance. It was an adventurous road trip and left everyone a very memorable life experience!

I’m grateful to worked with Him Law and his team from HK! They are friendly, fun and easy going! I can’t forget how the hairstylist, Jan and myself running throughout the entire Jonker Street area chasing Him and CJ (the contestant). Him was REALLY fast even the sound-man, Jimmy couldn’t catch up from behind. Tun, a nice person that keep saying I look like one of the HK female host, Lai Zi San. Sze, who stayed in the rain together and we went Escape Room challenge while waiting the recording to be done.

Other than Him and his team, I met a bunch of great people, like Bii and his team, Be Fun, Stevensunny (one of the makeup guru who I didn’t have chance to work with together before), Hedy and Tim. Bii is really fun and good in making surprise, 屌, LOL! Of course, not just the overseas artist, Sam, Yoon and Maya are great too!

I’m sincerely thank to Michelle for this project and you know why, THANKS!
Here are some picture and video to share with you all ;)
Please watch the actual series from 6th – 21st Feb 2014, every Thursday and Friday, 9PM on NTV7 ;)

Flag-off, First Day recording, we have about 6-7 group of camera man & sound man, that’s quite grand

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