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Diva Production – Creative Makeup Competition (Aqua Splash) Senior Category

The Senior category title for this year (2012) was “AQUA SPLASH” and I short of time to practice this as in parallel I’m taking part in Junior category competition as well. This was my final submission inspired by BERSIH 3.0 + Anti Lynas current affair, am I so patriotic? *chuck*

I would like to thanks to Tsun G, my model for scarifying his face on this makeup. However, the ingredient is harmless to skin, I’d made a slime-alike by mixed flour with acrylic color (THANKS TO MY MOM TOO!). Using tooth brush and spatula to create the form of pattern I want. This creative makeup took less than 10mins, continued with a Q&A session and latter the photoshoot. However I requested to get the shoot done first among other models before the material dried-up and crack.

So many envy-eyes when I removing the colors from Tsun’s face and body after the shoot, he indeed have nice look and body, moreoever tall enough :) THANKS to TSUN once again for the patient! Haaa! I took some photos at least!

Title: Diva Production Creative Make-up Competition – AQUA SPLASH (Senior Category)
Makeup: Rachel Seok
Hairdo: Centro Hair Salon
Photograph: Shawn Lor assisted by Kenny Foo, Blink Studio
Model: Tsun G, Diva Production